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Welcome to Ping Rong Industry
Company History
PING ROUN PRODUCTS CO., LTD. was established in 1970. Its late founder, Mr. Wu Shuicheng, was the pioneer of eel farming in Taiwan. After Mr. Wu Shuicheng retired from his job at an electricity company, he devoted himself to researching eel farming. Since he was proficient in Japanese, and after reading books such as How to Raise Eels and Turtles  and consulting experts, he decided to research and develop techniques of eel farming in the Pingtung area of Taiwan. At that time, no one in Taiwan knew anything about eel farming or the value of eels. After Wu Shuicheng’s endless experimentation and research, he finally succeeded in raising eels. He even had the vision to establish the Ping Rong Company to further his eel raising business. Ping Rong started out with eel farming, then started exporting live eels, and later on started to make Eel Shirayaki (grilled eel without sauce) and Eel Kabayaki (grilled eel with sauce). The company gradually grew at a steady pace. Mr. Wu Hongzhe, the general manager of Ping Rong, inherited the business from his father Mr. Wu Shuicheng with some trepidation. At that time, the eel farming industry was in a gradual decline. Yet, by using the practicality and determined effort that was part of his father’s pioneering spirit, Mr. Wu Hongzhe diversified business operations, actively worked to establish the company’s own brand, and expanded into new markets. His actions brought Ping Rong to new heights. At the same time, he also actively promoted pre-prepared foods in Taiwan, opening up a new horizon for Ping Rong.

Ping Rong started out in Taiwan by exporting processed eel to Japan, Southeast Asia, and the United States. It then gradually established factories in China that manufactures pre-prepared and room temperature foods. The company also established a partnership with Family Mart in Taiwan to produce fresh food products in Daxi, Taoyuan. In addition, Ping Rong is also unequivocally devoted to the service industry. In Taiwan, Ping Rong has established Ping Rong Eel Kabayaki and Hua-Guo-Tang Souvenirs specialty stores. The Ping Rong Group plans to continue bringing everyone delicious food in the future.

Ping Rong has passed every relevant certification. As such, the products from Ping Rong are safe, and can be enjoyed without worry. We have an established tracking system, and our products are made in accordance with international standards, allowing us to provide the best quality products for exportation to Japan.

Eel Farms
Ping Rong breeds Japanese eels. From this year on we will be working directly with eel farmers. Currently, the company has five eel farms in total. Everything from the raw material that feed is made from to the harvesting of adult eels is all under the company’s supervision and control. The application of “powder feed” enriches the fat of eels, thus making our eels more tender, succulent, and nutritious. No illegal drugs or chemicals are used in the eel farming process. We conduct stringent checks and monitoring in our production management and drug administration. Currently, our eel farms cover an area of 10,384.1 square meters. 

Multiple Testing/Quality Assurance
1. Drug Residue Testing (from raw material to finished product, 3 drug tests are conducted in total. Each test consists of 171 items)
2. Odor Testing (for mud odor and other undesirable odors. Two tests are conducted in total.)
3. Quality Testing (screening out defective items during packaging. The same standard is applied to products for export and for domestic sales.)
4. Microbiological examination
5. We use the same processing process for export products and products for the domestic market to allow consumers around the globe to enjoy our high-quality foods.
6. No added preservatives 

The Nutrients in Eel
Since ancient times, eels have always been regarded as an excellent nutritional supplement. It provides all the nutrients the body needs. It is a fountain of energy.
1. Eel Kabayaki: This “Imperial class” delicacy is exported to Japan, made from carefully selected Japanese eel breeds. The meat is fresh, soft, tender, sweet, and does not have the mud-like odor commonly found in eels. The marriage with Japanese style Kabayaki sauce creates a rich aroma and a taste that is irresistible to taste buds.
2. Eel Fillet Kabayaki: Designed for individuals or small families, this product offers eel fillets made from carefully selected Ping Rong Eel Kabayaki. Aromatic with a delicate texture, it is an indispensable part of any feast for every dinner table and is easy to prepare.
3. Tanjaku Kebab: Sweet and tender, each stick is carefully selected. The eel Kabayaki kebab is the lead actor on the barbecue stage. Its rich aromas and succulent grilled flavor makes it the unquestioned first choice for barbecues.
4. Eel Guts: Eels are kept in pools with circulated water for 24 hours before processing, allowing them to completely eject the sand from their guts. After undergoing the Kabayaki preparation method, its texture becomes sweet and moist. Eel guts are eaten by Japanese males as a natural supplement for increasing stamina.
Service System
After achieving breakthroughs in the traditional manufacturing industry, Ping Rong began to renovate its old shops. It established Japanese-style shops in various department stores to directly interact with consumers, and it has changed its style to be more youth-oriented while retaining some traditional elements.  This new style has created buzz at every promotional event. We are popular with customers of all ages. The red and black décor of our shops gives Ping Rong Eel Kabayaki an air of elegance and festivity, which is both unique and helps attract business. The transparent counters found in our stores ensure consumers have a clear view of Ping Rong’s selection of Eel Kabayaki and Hua-Guo-Tang products. All merchandise on display can be taken in with just one glance. Currently, some of the counters also include grills for eel kebabs. Through a transparent glass shield, consumers can witness exactly how we cook, and make purchases with peace of mind. In recent years, due to diversification of business operations, the research and development team of Ping Rong has created new additions to our eel series of merchandise. Because we produce and market our own products, we are able to apply the most stringent checks on our products for our consumers. Thus, we are able to provide the safest, most convenient, and most delicious pre-prepared food products to our customers, allowing us to become your house’s second kitchen.